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Updates Continue + New Specials!

Hey all. I’ve been a bit quiet on the posts over the last month, but have continued with updates. Added 5 new specials to the site today too!

Added two specials at Club 400, a boneless special on Monday and a $0.30 deal on Tuesdays. I still have to add a boneless deal for them on Wednesday too. All this in addition to the Thursday deal I already had listed.

McCarthy Park has $0.40 wing on Mondays

Bucky’s Lakeside Pub has $0.35 wings on Tuesdays
Buzdums has $0.30 wings on Tuesdays

Have a couple more specials to add over the next few days too. Until then, cheers!

More Updates!

I’ve gone through and fixed up specials posted on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday adding back those specials that moved, and thus I deleted last week.  A few new specials posted in there too!  Remaining days will be fixed up soon.

Second, new look!  I updated my told design template and it goofed up some things so I got a new template… good news is I like it, bit more color before.  I just need to get a logo back!


Thursday Specials Updated

All Thursday specials should be up to date. Some highlights:

All Sports Pub appears out of business, special deleted
Brewski’s special deleted, appears only a Tuesday special now
King Pin Bowl deleted, special will be reposted to Monday
Mario’s Pizza deleted
Nostalgia deleted
Red Rock Saloon deleted, special changed days and will be reposted on Tuesday
Riverhouse (Waterford) deleted, establishment closed

Wednesday Update

Wednesday specials have been updated to reflect price changes and/or any other changes I discovered.  Highlights include:

Aris’ special deleted, will be reposted as a Tues & Thurs special
Classic Lanes’ special Deleted
Greco’s special deleted, bar is closed
King Pin Bowl’s special deleted, special will be reposted to Monday
One Sports Lounge’s special deleted, doesn’t appear active anymore
Spitfire’s special Deleted, will be reposted as Monday Special
Wisco Sports bar deleted, closed and reopening under new ownership, will revisit in a while to see details of any new special

More updates!

Tuesday’s specials are now updated changes in prices and/or any other changes to the special.  Highlights:

Hero’s is removed, place has changed name, I’m trying to find info on new place
TATS has changed names to Lakeside Pub
Sporties is removed, will be rep-osted on Wednesday specials

I’ve also added some New Specials:

Primetime Sports Bar in Brown Deer has $0.50 Mondays
Jack’s American Pub has $0.50 Mondays
Loaded Slate has $0.45 Mondays
The Blue Ribbon has $0.40 Mondays

We’re Back!

Sept 20th 2012…really?  That’s my last post?  My time to devote to this site over the last year or so has been limited and thus a lack of updates.  However, some recent changes mean I’m back at it.  First order of business is updating specials.  Monday’s special list is now updated.  Changes included:
Boomers removed, will move to Wednesday
Catch 22  removed, will  move to Wednesday
J Lotti’s removed, bar is closed
Longhorn Saloon removed, will move to Wednesday
Off the Clock removed, will move to Wednesday under new name of On the Clock
Riverside Brewery removed, doesn’t look like they have a special anymore.

After all specials brought up to date, I’ll tidy up some other areas of the site and *hopefully* begin adding new content in February!  Thanks for sticking around!

24 More Specials!

Just when I think I’ve found just about every wing special in the area, I scour the internet to find a few more.  Below are 24 more specials in the area to get your wing on.  A few specials were removed from the site for places that have closed or changed hands.  As always, feel free to email with any additional specials you’re aware of or would like to see listed and if you have any corrections to what we have listed.  Full details of each special are noted in the daily specials pages.


Captain’s Cove (Sturtevant): $0.35 wings
J. Lotti’s Pub & Grill (Waukesha): $0.25 wings
Longbranch Saloon (West Bend): $8 all you can eat wings
Rookies Sports Club (Milwaukee): $0.40 wings
Route 20 Outhouse (Sturtevant): $0.50 Wings


Mainstream Bar & Grill (Waukesha): $0.35 wings
Red Rooster (Waukesha): $4 for 1lb of wings
The 75th Street Inn (Salem): $9.99 All you can eat wings


Fat Charlie’s (Richfield): $0.40 wings, $0.50 Boneless
Henry’s Pub and Grille (Milwaukee): $0.50 wings 5-9p
The Landing (St. Francis): $0.35 wings
Libby Montana (Thiensville): $0.50 wings
Spitfires on State (Milwaukee): $20 for 20 wings and pitcher of beer
Stocky’s Fast Track: $0.50 Wings


All Sports Pub (Racine): $0.30 Wings
Brazen Head Pub (West Bend): $0.25 wings
Chubby’s Tap (Waukesha): $0.30 wings
J&B’s Blue Ribbon Bar (Milwaukee): $0.50 Wings
Magellan’s (Waukesha): $0.30 Wings
Mainstream Bar & Grill (Waukesha): $0.35 wings
Olde Mill Inn (Richfield): $0.30 Wings, $0.45 Boneless
R&R Club (Union Grove): $0.35 Wings
Riverhouse Pub & Grill (Waterdord): $0.35 wings


Drifters Bar & Grill (Salem): $8.99 for 1lb boneless wings

Ugh, again?

I’ve commented on past editions of this list, but failed to notice the release of’s list of best wings in town for 2011.  This is a voter driven list, so no hate directed at OnMilwaukee here.  But, for the fifth year in a row Milwaukee voters have said BW3 has the best wings in town?  Really?  Now I won’t go as far as some people who commented on the story and say they’re the worst wings in town, they’re not, but they’re certainly they’re not the best!  I haven’t ever posted a review of BW3 in an attempt to keep this site more locally focused.  I mean, everyone knows about BW3, but I hope some of our readers have found wings they love at a place they never heard before finding it on this site.  So I encourage everyone to spread the word!  Maybe your friend voted for BW3, or GASP, maybe you did!  Either way, check the specials, read the reviews and get out there and expand your wing pallet!

22 New Specials!

After scrounging the internet and receiving an email from the owner of the Rick Inn, 22 new wing specials have gone up today, mostly from the outlying areas so that you suburbanites can get your wing fix too.  The new specials are listed below, but all special pages and maps have been updated with this new information.  As always, please contact me at if there are any errors/corrections regarding any specials or if you know of any specials we don’t have listed!


Aviator Sports Lounge, $0.50 wings (Milwaukee)
Cedarburg Roadhouse, 15 wings and a pitcher for $10 (Cedarburg)
On the Rocks, $0.25 wings (Merton)
Slim McGinn’s West, $0.50 wings or less if larger quantity ordered (Brookfield)
Sloppy Joe’s, $0.35 wings (Hubertus)
Sportsman’s Landing, $0.40 wings (Wind Lake)
Tammy’s Town Tap & Eatery, $4.50 for 12 wings (Franksville)


Bilda’s Friess Lake Pub, $6 for six wings and a beer, or $3 for six wings (Hubertus)
Bootz Saloon & Grill, $0.50 wings (Oak Creek)
Clearwater Inn $0.40 wings  (Cedarburg)
C. Wiesler’s Saloon & Eatery $0.50 wings (Cedarburg)
The Grist Mill, $0.50 Wings (East Troy)


Brickyard BBQ, $3.75 order of wings (Burlington)
Endter’s Sports Grill, $0.35 wings (Hartland)
Marx Pioneer Inn, $0.45 wings (Muskego)
Sauced Sports Bar & Pizzeria, $0.40 wings  or $0.60 boneless (Muskego)
Sly Fox, $0.40 wings (Burlington)
Suhmer’s Saloon, $0.35 wings (Eagle)


Rick Inn, $0.50 wings 5-9p (Milwaukee)


Juice’s Ghost Town, $5 for a dozen wings (Grafton)


Aviator Sports Bar and Grille, $0.50 wings (Milwaukee)
Juice’s Ghost Town, $5 for a dozen wings (Grafton)


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